Kettle Hills Golf Course Policies


General policies

  • Kettle Hills Golf Course is open to authorized golf course customers only. All golfers must register in the golf shop and are to pay the appropriate green fees prior to accessing the golf course.
  • The bar and grill is open to the public during regular course hours.
  • Pedestrian activity is not permissible on the golf course throughout the year, regardless of if the golf course is open or closed. This includes, but is not limited to walking, running, and biking.
  • Kettle Hills Golf Course does not have a siren to warn golfers of inclement weather. It is up to the golfers themselves to determine if they feel threatened by the weather. If you do feel threatened by the weather, please leave the golf course, come to the golf shop and our staff will make arrangements with you. 
  • Except for service dogs, no unauthorized dogs or pets are allowed on the golf course grounds, which includes all courses, clubhouse, putting green, range, and patio. 
  • Ride-a long’s (guests who wish to watch but not play), may do so for the price of $10.00 + tax. Please note that additional carts may not be available on busy days as cart use priority is given to golfers. We recommend you call the golf shop on the day of play to check on the availability of additional carts.
  • Per WI state law, carry-on alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 


  • Please arrive and check-in with the golf shop at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
  • Kettle Hills reserves the right to pair incomplete groups (less than 4) together.
  • Be aware of your pace of play – keep up with the group in front of you as pace should not exceed 2 hours and 13 minutes per 9-holes, which equates to approximately 15 minutes per hole.
  • Dress code: Proper golf attire is recommended; however, T-shirts, leggings, denim shorts and denim pants are also acceptable with the following restrictions:
    • Clothing must be clean and in reasonable condition. Guests with dirty work shirts, pants, jeans or shorts will be asked to change.
    • Men’s shirts must have sleeves and shirts must be always worn (even on those hot days of summer).
    • No cutoff shirts or shorts are allowed.
    • Swimwear, gym, or workout attire is not allowed. Please no sweatpants or overly baggy warmup pants.
    • Golf shoes are recommended but tennis shoes or gym shoes are also acceptable. Work boots, cowboy boots, shoes with non-golf spikes, heels, or any other bottoms that could inflict damage to the turf will not be allowed.
  • For the enjoyment of all guests, please remember to replace all divots, repair all ball marks, and rake the bunkers during your round.
  • Each golfer must have their own set of clubs. Rental sets are available for the price of $15 for 9-holes or $25 for 18-holes.
  • To help keep everyone safe while on the golf course, please use caution while playing. Don’t swing the golf club near others and drive carefully if you’re using a golf cart. Please yell “FORE” immediately following an errant shot to warn other people that a ball might be heading their way.
  • Golfers are responsible for any damage to the property, course, cart, or any rented/loaned equipment used during their visit.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, you should contact us immediately via telephone at (262) 628-0200 or email at info@kettlehills.com